“The slowness of tai chi is deceptive. Each movement using almost every muscle. This reduces stress, blood pressure and boosts the immune system.
CNN Health, 5 Sep 2017

“Benefits include a reduced risk of dementia, a brain boost, fewer falls and better balance, more flexible joints, a boost to the immune system and reduced stress.”
– University of British Columbia, Canada, 2014. Reported by Saga Magazine, 5 Jan 2021.

“For the treatment of Fibromyalgia (musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and sleep disturbance), therapeutic benefits from Tai Chi were greater than from aerobic exercise, with improvements in physical function, sleep and related quality of life.”
British Medical Journal, March 2018

Tai Chi benefits include decreased stress, improved cognitive function, improved flexibility and balance, better sleep, an improved immune system and help with pain management.
– 7 Tai Chi Benefits, From The Mental To The Physical, Women’s Health Magazine, 2 July 2021 – with references.

Tai chi may help slow down the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease for several years, a Chinese study suggests..